LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Continue strong support for education


Ten years ago Abe Roberts hired me as a social studies teacher at Wa-Hi. Walla Walla is a special place that became home for me and my family.

I have worked with many wonderful students, parents, teachers and administrators since then who understand the importance of funding education and helping people learn new skills and ideas.

Our upcoming school levy on Feb. 14 is a great way to continue our strong Walla Walla tradition of supporting other people, expecting people to work hard, helping others and making our world a better place to live.

This replacement levy is reasonable and provides almost 20 percent of funding for our school district. Education is a challenging and important part of life. The benefits of going to school, graduating and being career and college ready last a lifetime.

If you want to see people working hard and learning new skills, as well as teachers serving a wide range of students, please contact one of our schools and volunteer to help. Another important way to help is by voting for our levy.

Your tax dollars make a huge difference in people's lives. Please join me in voting yes on Feb. 14.

Michelle Higgins

Walla Walla


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