Federal investigation needed for Chavira shooting


I spent sometime looking through the archives, at the Union-Bulletin. No, not the entire archives, just those from May 4,2012, to the present. Specifically, those dates that had to do with the shooting on East Isaacs Avenue.

The most disturbing was a May 22 article that stated the news director of KTEL (Emily Jaceks) reported three days after the event that Undersheriff Eddie Freyer stated Cesar Chavira had received 47 pellets that entered the back and exited the front. This was confirmed by our coroner, Richard Greenwood.

Now, the official line is, "Oh no, he wasn't shot in the back." I ask, are they telling the truth now or were they telling the truth then?

If he was running away where was there a threat?

Another question: Why was the surveillance tape reviewed and commented on by an outside security firm, and why wasn't it confiscated by the Sheriff's Office at the time of the original investigation? Why was it allowed to be viewed by an outside agency before the Sheriff's Office had an opportunity to view it?

It has been said a bag of belt buckles were found near the body. Is this to say that Mr. Chavira made two trips to the store, or that while John Saul was shooting at him he stopped to get the bag? Or is it something else?

I have read the comments on the editorial page and how everyone wants to call it a home invasion. No, it was not a home invasion, and all the spent shells, were found "near the entryway of the store."

I have read the comments asking, "What are we teaching our children?" And I ask, "What are we teaching them if the laws are not meant for everyone?"

I personally feel the credibility of the Sheriff's Office, Undersheriff Freyer and Mr. Greenwood have been compromised, and feel the resignation of Mr. Freyer and Mr. Greenwood should be immediately forthcoming. I also feel it is time for an independent investigation, and that the Sheriff's Office should request the federal Department of Justice or the FBI step in for a completely honest investigation.

Bruce McCutcheon

Walla Walla


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