LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Let's show kids we care -- support the water park


I know very few families and even fewer young people who would vote "no" on the proposed water park. We live in one of the most beautiful towns in this country, inhabited by some of the most friendly people on the planet -- and because we live in a desert area, we have hot, hot summers.

We also have lots and lots of kids, teenagers, young adults, families and, yes, seniors, who would love nothing better than a place to cool off, enjoy shaded areas for picnics or book reading, and listen to the sounds of people young and old laughing, splashing and enjoying a refreshing swim.

I may be a senior, but you can bet I'm going to buy a season pass to the water park. You can bet I'm going to be swimming in the wave pool along with the kids and floating down the lazy river with my own children. And you can bet I'm going to feel much better about my town and the commitment we make to our youths when we have a place for kids and families to cool off on hot summer days.

I've heard people say the water park is too lavish or extravagant, but I don't agree. To attract people from all over the Valley and to appeal to a diversity of people -- families with babies and toddlers, tweens, teens, young adults, middle-agers and seniors, I'm convinced we need a wide variety of options.

For those people who may be on the fence about the water park, please listen to what a teenager recently told me.

"There's nothing for kids to do in this town. We used to have the mall -- a safe place to walk around, play games, eat, hang out. We used to have a place to play video games. I heard we used to have pools but we don't have pools anymore. The people in this town just don't care about kids."

Let's show our kids and families we care about them by voting for the water park. Of all the investments we can make in the future of this town, caring for our young people may be the greatest contribution of all.

Kathy Ketcham
Walla Walla


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