LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Fireworks need to be controlled


July 5 a.m. -- peace and quiet. What a contrast to yesterday.

I have begun to hate July 4 simply because of the noise and disruption that is allowed in this town. It gets worse every year Two years ago when the Fourth came on Monday it went on for four days.

And what do I hear from others? One person said: What do you expect? It is the Fourth. Look at it from their point of view. Just accept it.

The U-B had a nice opinion piece but it fell short of demanding responsibility from the citizens and, yes, the police.

Can someone explain to me why the law cannot be enforced? Even if everyone followed the restrictions, it is out of control. This all sounds like apathy to me.

Picture this scenario. A family is trying to relax and have a peaceful, quiet Fourth. All day long there are random fireworks going off. It gets worse about 6 p.m. and by 9 p.m. there are loud noises and flashes of light in the sky every few seconds along with the pops from the ground. The poor dog is trembling, panting, heart racing even after having had the medication prescribed by the vet. Forget about sleeping.

There are sane communities that have banned the use of fireworks by private citizens. I believe Kennewick is one.

When I was a kid this was the case where I lived and what is available today is much worse. (I know, the good old days.)

Does it make sense to allow the sale of these fireworks outside the city limits but then say they can't be used inside the city limits? Are we naive enough to think it is not going to be abused?

It is time the city and county get together and come up with a law that protects people from noise pollution and disruption of normal life. Freedom cannot be allowed to come at the expense of others.

Perhaps next year I will leave the country or at least go to Kennewick.

Mary Kay Pinnick
Walla Walla


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