LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Kids need place to get wet on hot day


I have read and listened to the discourse on the proposed Memorial Aquatic Center. I am unable to express the advantages of this project any better than Ellen Wolf did in her letter on July 23.

For me what it comes down to is just this -- if we don't pass this proposed plan, the children and adults of Walla Walla will have nothing for another summer season.

The vocal opposition has a lot of complaints about this plan, but have no sustainable substitute plan of their own.

On a very hot 90-plus degree day last week, I was driving up Boyer Street through the Whitman College campus. I stopped by the fountain in front of the old music building and watched three boys, about 11 or 12 years old, jumping around in the fountain. They were absorbed in the carefree enjoyment of their own private water park. It would not be difficult to find at least 90 more children this age in Walla Walla who would enjoy playing in this fountain.

Obviously these three boys don't need a 50-meter pool -- they just need a public place to get wet on a hot summer day. They need an aquatic center. They need your vote.

John Christy

Parks, Recreation and Urban Forestry

Advisory Board chairman

Walla Walla


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