LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Obama's changes have made things worse


Barack Obama loves to claim that many Americans are on his side.

Well, Obama definitely does have staunch advocates, people who are completely saturated with adoration for Obama. Unfortunately, the worshipful are determined to re-elect the person who's taking America down a path of devastation!

Obama asserts that Americans who don't support his plan of action just don't understand what he's trying to do for the United States. On the other hand, Obama gives salutations to his admirers for their ability to totally get it. The faithful fans show their gratitude by cheering Obama on as he continues to make arrogant statements that reek of untruths, and accusations that expose liberal hypocrisy.

In actuality, the ones who totally get it are the many Americans who refuse to accept Obama's radical agenda. Many citizens had Obama figured out even before he became president. And now, the disturbing evidence of what he's doing to the United States is impossible to miss!

As for Obama's booster club members, they don't see what's right under their noses! So, perhaps they don't totally get it after all!

Obama promised lots of things while campaigning for president. He promised to unite the country, promised to slash the budget deficit, promised to get the economy back on track, promised to do so many wonderful things to change America. Obama also promised he'd be a one- term president if he didn't keep his promises!

Well, here we are. Obama hasn't done anything wonderful. Instead of uniting the country, he's instigating class warfare. The deficit is out of control and getting worse. The economy is in the tank and unemployment is still way too high, with no sign of it going lower. Obama now says that he just needs more time to fix things. So much for his promise to be a one-term president if he failed to fix things!

Obama has kept one promise. He's changed America, but not by doing what's best for the country. Obama's changes have made things worse, and unless we vote him out of office, the worst is yet to come! With Obama, America faces an abysmal future!

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla



mytwocents says...


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ImJustSayin says...

Because you disagree with her doesn't make what she says "weird".

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Iopine says...

If you Love the Nanny State (you think the government is supporting you) you will find Roberta's letters weird and obnoxious. If you are a taxpayer and realize that your money is being redistributed to every Tom, Dick and Harry that have the ability to support themselves but are to lazy not to you will understand Roberta's letters. Take your pick? You don't have to read them you know because that is still one piece of freedom you still have left.

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