LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Support pool for future generations


Jim Dumont and Ellen Wolf spoke about the proposed aquatic center at the Walla Walla Sunrise Rotary meeting on July 25. Jim briefly reviewed the plan as he had talked to us about it previously.

One issue that was brought up was the misleading information on the ballot sent out about the cost of the proposal. This was discussed in the U-B on July 22, but clarification bears further emphasis.

The proposed aquatic center would cost city residents up to 50 cents per thousand dollars value of their property, not $3.07 as fuzzily indicated on the ballot. With the added cost of the aquatic center, the total property tax share going to the city would be up to $3.07.

In other words, city residents are already paying $2.57 for other services they have approved in the past and are receiving now.

I commented to Jim and Ellen that my 11-year-old granddaughter had recently gone with friends to Silverwood Theme Park north of Couer d'Alene. Granted it has a lot more than just a water park, and granted, the water park proposed for Walla Walla will not be as big and fancy as Silverwood, but it would be a great attraction for our town and provide a great service for our kids. If people will drive almost 200 miles and pay almost $22 per kid and $42 per adult per day at Silverwood, think how many more people who can't make that trip would be served right here at home.

Many have said all we need is another pool. We have two full-size pools in Walla Walla now where competitions are held and people can exercise. The proposed wave pool would include a 25-yard lap area. That would provide for older swimmers.

But also, there would be many features for the younger kids, even toddlers. If sometime in the future we need another competition-sized pool, there is room on the city property at the proposed aquatic center.

I support the proposed aquatic center for our kids and future generations.

John McKern

Walla Walla


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