LETTERS OT THE EDITOR - Wolves: Beautiful creatures or brutal killers?


First and foremost I am a woman who loves nature. Living in the mountains and loving where I live, enjoying daily the view from my window of the wildlife that bless me by their presence.

Deer, elk, bear, bobcat, coyotes, eagles, wild turkey and many other beautiful creatures have passed through my back yard in the past 20 years and I have enjoyed them all. Don't get me wrong, I would love to add seeing a wolf to that list as well. I just have a lot more reasons why I don't want to see one in my yard!

I have been following the great wolf debate with a vivid interest due to the fact that not only am I a nature lover, I am also an avid hunter and cattlewoman.

The reintroduction of wolves to the Northwest is a crime. They are killing off all the deer, elk and other creatures in the Northwest.

They are also in the process of killing off businesses, such as hunting guide services and ranchers.

There was a reason wolves were killed off in great numbers years ago and a reason that is valid today. Where wolves roam free, other animals disappear in great numbers.

The ranchers in Idaho, Montana and Oregon are losing their livelihoods to wolves and if something is not done fast we here in Washington are going to have the same problem. We need to look at Montana's concerns. It looked to cut its wolf population by 25 percent by having a hunting season in 2011 and actually gained 15 percent. Idaho has not set a number it wanted removed but the numbers are high and the same goes for Oregon.

Not too far from our little town, livestock are being killed, elk are being ripped open and left to die, baby deer are being ripped from their mothers' wombs as are baby calves and sheep. And wolves kill just to kill, not to survive.

They kill to train their pups and just for sport. The owners of those livestock the protected wolves are depredating cannot defend their property without fear of fines and loss of vehicles and rifles.

Businesses such as hunting guides and outfitters are losing money due to lack of animals to hunt, all over an overgrown predator dog.

Wake up Washington, they are headed our way.

Jennifer Eastman

Walla Walla


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