LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Weston needs new City Council


On Jan. 20 an article was published with regards to the termination of Denise Sampson, the city recorder/budget officer for the city of Weston. Denise held the position in high esteem for 12 years.

I personally know what an excellent job Denise did as the city recorder and budget officer. I worked in City Hall with Denise for two years, and was amazed at the enormous scope of Denise's job responsibilities. I feel Denise was not fired because of her job performance, but rather a personal vendetta against her held by members of our current City Council.

Not only was Denise terminated but so was Weston's long-time city attorney. He was replaced by an attorney from Lake Oswego, Ore., and to this date the Council refuses to tell the citizens why a local attorney was replaced by one who is over 250 miles away.

Weston is a lovely little town with huge potential, but only if our citizens work together. Currently the citizens of Weston are severely divided.

In September of last year a Council member resigned stating he felt he was shut out of decisions being made by the other members. He was replaced by a woman who had written a vicious letter to the City Council full of inaccurate statements against Denise. From the five applicants filing for the vacant position, this woman was selected without interviews being conducted.

A month later she voted to fire Denise. After Denise was fired this woman has been overseeing City Hall. She was also seen taking pictures of citizens as they were dining in a local restaurant with Denise. When an inquiry was made as to why pictures were being taken, she stated the pictures were for a file, but would not elaborate.

I feel Weston desperately needs a new Council, one that listens to its citizens. Fortunately in November the citizens of Weston will have the opportunity to elect a new mayor and two new City Council positions. I urge people to get involved in our city.

Citizens need to ask questions as well as attend Council meetings and budget hearings to find out what is really going on and help move Weston in the right direction.

Amy Mayer



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