In the minutes - GARFIELD COUNTY


Garfield County Commissioners are Dean Burton, Wynne McCabe and Robert Johnson. With all present Monday commissioners:

  • PLANNING AND INSPECTIONS: Continued discussion of agreements with City of Pomeroy for participation in the planning and board of adjustment; and building inspection services.

  • FORECLOSURE: Learned the prosecuting attorney is researching the process for selling a parcel of land the county acquired more than five years ago through a tax foreclosure. The property is inaccessible, and an adjacent landowner wants to buy it.

  • PUBLIC HEALTH: Approved the Public Health Department making application for Safe School Grants, as presented by Public Health nurse Leta Travis. The proposed project is for more sidewalks on routes children use to walk to school. Commissioners cautioned Travis that the county does not have any money to help with the project.

  • INCIDENT REPORT: Learned an employee was treated at the local clinic after getting a piece of metal under his eyelid while cutting culvert.

  • SALARY: Passed resolution setting 2012 salaries and wages for all county employees, which includes a 2 percent raise. Commissioners approved the budget in December that includes the increases. Unanimous.

  • PANIC BUTTONS: Agreed to pay a bill from Fischer Systems for removing panic buttons from the school. The alarm system was installed during the time the county used the school for offices while the Courthouse was being remodeled. Unanimous.

  • HEARING: Set a hearing on a franchise application from Inland Cellular for April 9 at 1 p.m.


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