LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Cold fusion might now be possible


More than 10 years ago there was a cover story in either Time or Newsweek reporting that a scientist had made a breakthrough discovering a way to accomplish nuclear fusion (not nuclear fission) with an enzyme reaction (Cold fusion).

This would be the crowning achievement of the nuclear physicists. But, alas, the results of scrutiny, they said, proved to be less than desired and we heard nothing further.

For those who don't know it, cold fusion would solve not only our energy problems, but our carbon dioxide problems as well.

Cold fusion emits no radiation, no CO2 or anything harmful. It does give limitless clean energy. It uses powdered nickel and hydrogen as fuel.

Around five years ago we heard other talk that cold fusion had been perfected, but again, nothing came of it. Yesterday, however, I read again that an Italian physicist, Andrea Rossi, has not only perfected cold fusion, but has functioning prototypes.

I realize with "wolf" being cried twice before, the media might be cautious.

However this time I do believe the claim is real and justified!

Andrea Rossi's breakthrough is being called ECat.

It has the potential of being the biggest breakthrough since nuclear fission, but with limitless, virtually free, non-polluting energy.

One can only imagine how this will impact our world!

Each home would have a unit similar in size to the average home air conditioner. That unit will provide all the electrical power that home needs. Businesses will have larger units.

In similar manner, cars will be hydrocarbon free and will emit no pollutants.

If you don't believe this, I refer you to Google: "Andrea Rossi" or "ECat" or "Cold fusion."

Here is just one sentence from one scientific journal I just read: "The projected cost of an ECAT unit is between $500 and $1,000. The cost of replacing the nickel / hydrogen+catalyst core is $10. Total operating cost after purchasing a unit is around $1.66 a month."

Francis J. Trapani

Walla Walla


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