LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - CP should educate its high school students


This letter is in response to some of the issues regarding the College Place School Bond raised by John Crane in the Feb. 20 issue of the U-B.

Mr. Crane brought up some legitimate concerns about how College Place would support a high school in the future. He stated, "Supporters won't mention the large increase in the levy tax that will be needed to run this high school."

It is true we will need to support some of the school functions and programs with a levy, but that is pretty much the way all school districts operate. Physical education, music, sports, etc. are all programs that are typically paid for with levy taxes.

College Place is no different.

In our community, however, a large percentage of our levy dollars go to support these programs at Walla Walla High School. In other words, we are going to pay for various school programs in the form of a levy regardless of whether we have our own high school or send our kids to Walla Walla. The difference is with our own high school we would have the right to vote on how levy and bond dollars are spent.

So, we would not see any increase in our current levy as a result of building a new high school, and with our own high school we will have a greater say in how those levy dollars are spent.

Mr. Crane also mentions our students "will have more opportunities for sports and music and other extra courses at Wa-Hi." I believe a smaller school offering similar programs would have the opposite effect.

Fewer students vying for spots in the school band, on a sports team, in a school play, etc. will allow greater opportunities for all students interested in those programs.

A new high school will cost money, to state the obvious. But with the need to replace Davis School and the fact that all of our school bonds are currently paid off, now is the time to do it.

We are going to have to pay to support a high school either way. So, we could continue to pay Walla Walla to educate our children, or do it ourselves.

My vote is to do it ourselves.

Jeff Courtney

College Place


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