Police: Ex-boyfriend arrested after run-in with couple


WALLA WALLA - Walla Walla police arrested Michael Buchanan, 48, after a reported quarrel involving Buchanan and his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

Buchanan, according to Officer Tim Bennett, spokesman for the Walla Walla Police Department, lives in an apartment next door to his former girlfriend, Lila Guilles, 27, at 240 E. Poplar St. Buchanan allegedly confronted John Tewey, 54, in Guilles' apartment, and the pair had an argument.

According to Bennett, Guilles and Tewey told Buchanan he would have to talk with Tewey outside the apartment, then closed the door when Buchanan stepped outside.

Buchanan allegedly forced open the door and assaulted Tewey, according to Bennett, resulting in Buchanan's arrest on investigation of felony burglary and misdemeanor assault charges.


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