LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Customers can demand action to aid economy


The other morning I stopped into a local breakfast spot, and as I enjoyed a cup of coffee I overheard a group discussing politics.

Apparently, Laura Ingraham had done a radio show on the evils of our trade deficit. I heard how we had lost 2.8 million manufacturing jobs, how it has cost "hundreds of trillions of dollars," how China now owns 13 percent of our debt and Japan 6 percent.

Then I waited for that one line that seems to permeate this type of discussion: "What's Obama doing about that?"

I chuckled to myself as these are usually the ones who yell for smaller government and the free market system!

What we can do about that trade deficit?

Bottom line, when you go to the Big Box stores the majority of your buying power goes to China or Japan. When you buy that car or truck that ends in a vowel, the profit goes back to a foreign corporation.

I am not anti-Big Box store nor anti-foreign car. I am sure these companies employ many people, do much civic good and have aided our economy.

I am saying that one of these Big Box stores is - as Lou Dobbs said - "China's fifth largest trade dealer," that every other car or truck driving down Walla Walla streets ends in a vowel!

I'm saying because we decided cheaper imported products are better than "Made in America by American Corporations" we lost 2.8 million manufacturing jobs.

How much tax revenue was lost because of those 2.8 million jobs? How many goods would those 2.8 million people have used, which in turn would have created more jobs? It's easier to sit on your butt drinking coffee than to demand change.

It's time to decide just whose economy you want to support. Put your money where your mouth is.

If you want a stronger economy here in the U.S., if you want more manufacturing jobs by American companies on American soil, demand it, purchase their goods.

Demand that local stores and the Big Box stores offer a selection of "Made in America by an American Company" goods. Show us where your loyalties are.

Demand every government entity (city, county, state and federal) purchase "American made" before anything else.

If you aren't willing to get involved, then go back to your coffee, and Laura, and quit getting so loud and annoyed with our government.

Bruce McCutcheon

Walla Walla


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