LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Nonessential projects should wait until debts paid


In the recent headline article, "Scaled-down Myra Road work gets review," the following facts were cited:

  1. The project cost is $2.6 million

  2. Walla Walla and College Place taxpayers will be tagged for approximately $600,000.

  3. Approximately $2 million will come from state and federal taxpayers.

  4. A number of improvements will be made to Fort Walla Walla Park, including an improved sledding area.

State and federal governments are trillions of dollars in debt. And we are being told taxpayers' money has been approved to be spent on improving sledding areas?

Or, did I read the article incorrectly?

We all want nice communities. But we must learn to "tighten our belts" and prioritize! It seems our society has completely discarded any pretense of restraint and the exercise of fiscal discipline. We are ruining the future of our children for our own greed.

All nonessential projects should be placed on hold until we have gotten our financial house in order and paid off existing debts.

Donald Coleman

College Place


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