Don't forget faith when voting


Let's call it the way it is. The word sin has largely been eliminated from our vocabularies as well as our thinking. We don't judge what we do anymore as to what we do is morally right or morally wrong, sinful or not sinful, but if it's politically correct or socially acceptable. Left out of this perverted way of thinking is God who hasn't changed His way of thinking.

God doesn't change, neither do His commandments. Evil is still evil, sin is still sin, and anyway you slice it it's still baloney (sin).

Consider our so-called president who's pro-abortion and voted to kill those babies who had survived an abortion. The man who has told Catholics to forget their faith and do what he says regarding health insurance.

Remember, if you vote an anti-God, anti-Catholic political sleazebag into office don't expect him or her to be virtuous or to do what's morally right for you or our country.

Start thinking, our country is not only at stake but your very lives and your immortal souls as well.

So wake up Americans, especially you Catholics, who need to be reminded that it's a mortal sin to vote for someone who is pro-abortion. If you do you're aiding and abetting.

Many of you made the mistake of helping Clinton and Obama get into office. Please don't make the same mistake again.

"All the evils of the world are due to lukewarm Catholics." Pope St. Pius V.

"All the strength of Satan's reign is due to the easygoing weakness of Catholics." Pope St. Pius X.

Philip Shivell

Walla Walla


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