Those who care and those who don't


A week of my observations.

An old woman shopping stops to pester a woman with a small service dog in a store. She doesn't know her story; she doesn't care.

An old man in a busy fast food place giving a girl a hard time for not having his coffee ready fast enough. He knows she working hard;, he just doesn't care.

A young girl picks up a cane for a disabled woman that had fallen to the floor. The young girl smiles as she hands the woman her cane. She cares.

A boy finds a wallet left on the counter at a 7-Eleven. He returns it to the young clerk who finds the owner. They care.

A boy stands at attention as a funeral procession goes by. He cares.

Now, please tell me who can learn from whom?

Vicky Scanlon

Walla Walla



oneStarman says...

There is a NEW RELIGION in America. Its not REALLY New - It just has gained a lot more followers over the last couple of Decades. The Patron Saint of this Religion is AYN RAND - the Darling of the Neo-Con / Tea Party Right. This Religion teaches that the Highest Morality is Self Interest and that being concerned about Others is 'sinful' - although AYN RAND herself was an Atheist having rejected both the Religion and Politics of the Russia she fled with her family as a child. The Callousness that this Religion engenders turns the Religion that most of its adherence espouse - Christianity - on its Head. Rather than doing for the 'Least among you' and Loving God by Loving our Neighbor (who we encounter along the road and like the Good Samaritan offer our Help) the followers of this Religion serve the Master - Mammon (Wealth) and cannot therefore serve God

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wallyworldguy says...

The Patron Saint of this Religion is AYN RAND - the Darling of the Neo-Con / Tea Party Right.

Show me how you came to the conclusion that the majority of tea-party/gop/right wing/conservatives believe in Ayn Rands theory. Most would not even know who she is. ( but you know that)
Tea party goers believe in people being responsible for themselves.
free capital enterprise, small gov't. etc.
Again, show me how you came up with the assumption that the Tea Party people follow the beliefs of Ayn Rand.

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wallyworldguy says...

Vicky, that is the dumbest post I have ever read. Just wanted you to know.

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marketinsider says...

I guess this editorial may have something to do with Ayn Rand? Ayn Rand saw her father lose everything to Communism. Her father built a business, and the communist government took it from him. Just basically, she said that government will grow and grow, and at some point the government will end up being the majority of the economy, which obviously would bring down the country because at the same time government is growing the private sector is shrinking, and once the private sector gets so small, who is going to pay taxes. Her belief was that government does not create jobs, the private sector does. Furthermore, she said, that at some point, entrepreneurs, including small business owners, would go on strike, why, because they would end up paying so much in taxes that it would not be worthwhile to continue to grow the business. She said everyone should be responsible for themselves, and yes, if you had money, you could give it away if you wanted to, but the choice would be yours and not the government's. In the U.S. government spending during the Great Depression was 3% of the economy, now it is 44%. If Ayn Rand is correct, once government spending pushes through 50%, government will have to tax to death. The fact is that, Rand like many other Americans, did not see that what government would do is to not tax, but borrow. With the rich paying 14% effective tax and the low income paying nothing in taxes one can hardly argue that we pay a lot in taxes. What we do is borrow a lot. However, it does look like there may be higher taxes down the road. Why did sales of Rand's book, "Atlas Shrugged" go up after 2008, because some Americans started seeing Rand's point: government growing bigger than the private sector could support, higher and higher taxes coming, the benefit of running your own business going down because of no profits due to too many taxes, and with business shrinking, jobs would shrink, tax revenue would actually decline, and the country goes to hell. Moreover, with no tax revenue, there are no government checks going out to help the needy, and they are all left with no one to take care of them. It looks like Rand may be right on, except she did not see the problem with the debt, and the problem with the debt will only make it much worse in the U.S. than even Rand forsaw. As far as this editorial's title, "Those who care and those who don't." Americans will learn here in the next few years that the government does not care about you, and if you are someone who depends on the government I say good luck. The government is only as good as the taxpayers, with no taxpayers, and no more credit, the U.S. government is not going to be able to help anybody. America's strength was entrepreneurship, investment, savings, hard work, and education, but no more, America today is about electing politicians who love giving away free money, which won't last very much longer.

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