Obama has broken promises


Barack Obama promised to change America. He has. But the one promise Obama kept has us on the verge of devastation. Ironically, the kept promise is the result of many broken promises.

Obama promised to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." He calls the Constitution a flawed document. He does what he wants to do without even consulting the Congress. Broken promise.

Obama promised he would cut the budget deficit in half. The deficit is over $16 trillion and continues to rise. Obama continues to spend money we don't have, and thinks taxing the rich will fix everything. (He might as well launch a spit wad at King Kong!) Broken promise.

Obama promised he would lower the unemployment rate. More than 23 million Americans are out of work. More than 47 million Americans are on food stamps. Broken promise.

Obama promised he would protect Medicare. He's taken millions of dollars out of Medicare to pay for "Obamacare". Broken promise.

Obama promised he would make America energy independent. He won't allow drilling for oil, won't allow Canada's Keystone Pipeline, won't allow coal production. Gas prices are beyond high. Broken promise.

Obama promised to unite the country. He promotes class conflict and uses the race card to deride and divide. He accuses everyone else for his own failures. Broken promise.

Obama promised to honor the military, and to make sure the men and women who fight to protect us have what they need to do their job. He wants to slash the defense budget by millions of dollars. Broken promise.

Obama promised to make America respected. He bows and apologizes to our enemies. He appeases those who seek to destroy us. America is mocked and our flag is desecrated. Our ambassador and three other brave Americans are murdered in Benghazi, Libya. Broken promise.

Obama promised he would be a one- term president if he failed. He wants to be president for another four years. Broken promise.

Time will tell if Americans are sick and tired of the broken promises. Four more years won't make Obama a good leader. If he's re-elected, the America we know and love will be no more.

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla



marketinsider says...

Obama, like most politicians, has spent the last four years paying everyone back who voted for him, which is why he will be reelected. Furthermore, the House will stay Repubician and the Senate will stay Demorcrat. This is suppose to be the most important election of my time, but it looks like nothing is going to change. Miss Bardsley will be very busy writing for four more years and that's a good thing, everyone should be very worried about what's going on in this country even if you have what you feel is a worry free pension. Pensions may not continue much longer with all of this debt. Obama should add at least another 7-8 trillion after Americans give him another four years.

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marketinsider says...

Well it's Obama, Americans have given him another four years, the only questions is how much longer can he continue to borrow money so he will be able to pay everyone back for their vote?

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Iopine says...

The President can't remember without the teleprompter what he is even in the White House for much less remember what in stated in 2008!

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Kevconpat says...

I have to tell you, Ms Bardsley we always look forward to your letters. Infact so much a group of us ( 27) infact, have formed the "Roberta Barn Burners". Roberta was the name of my first girl friend so don't you be getting a big head or anything! Such a coincidence!
We sit around and trash whom ever; mostly Democrats, Tea Partiers and a few Republicans, you know- the 'LIBERAL' ones, embellish stories to fit our agenda and try to scare the heck out of any Walla Wallans in earshot. We can't thank you enough for showing us how to be such good couteous Christians all the while as we dismantle anyone who disagrees with us. So much satisfaction! Oh, and that terrible Kenyan- 'Obammmma' or something like that. Doesn't sound like the guy this group trusts! You had us worried. Whew, thought you've been trashing President Obama who was born in Hawaii, grew up in Indonesia for a few years then back to Hawaii then moved to Chicago.
Take care and we'll look forward to hearing, I mean reading from you faster then a fox in the hen house!

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Ropehorse says...

So then Kevconpat, instead of making fun of someone why do you not dispute the facts as presented, at least she has the facts to back her up, at least she is courteous and honest, more than we can say for the current administration !!

Posted 5 November 2012, 3:39 p.m. Suggest removal

tpeacock says...

Uh, facts? That's the last thing Roberta ever concerns herself with, what have you been smoking? The words she spews are the same old party line rants we get drilled with by many of the GOP or TP (how appropriate) folks, and what a croc. The points she tries to make are non existent in reality, distorted, or at best not quite right.
Just for an example, he upholds the Constitution as well as anyone, and don't give us the flag lapel pin story, stash it with the birther nonsense, you people. And despite this ridiculous nonsense many like Roberta rant about, he has done a remarkable job with our pursuits overseas. You should try to imagine what kind of responsibility that is, and how there are certain levels of command and control and many involved with the different scenatios, I do, 22 years Army Infantry, I know all too well. You and most folks just don't get it or are a witch hunt that started about, oh 4 years ago.
As for the financial mess this Country is in, I got on a debt reduction plan 4 years ago, was told then it would take 4.5 years to complete, and my debt was a pittance compared to the mess our Country was in. Noone, NOONE could have got us out off it that quick, we were still going down, and his policies did help to keep us from really going into the toilet, and it's going to take some time yet, more than the next 4 years, get used to it.
Open your eyes, open your mind, or just keep being blinded by party faith!

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Ropehorse says...

Still you cannot dispute facts, so you drink the Kool-Aid and bla bla bla you go, follow the pied piper right to the bitter end, eyes wide closed !! I am not worried about a lapel pin, I am concerned for our country, I appreciate your 22 years of service and dedication, but would have thought you would have learned something about true leadership in that time, apparently not so much, and obviously not enought to control your finances and be careful with your future, possibly due to circumstances beyond your control but by your rant I do not think so. Yes it will take some time to get back on track, but today we are not on the right track or have the right engineer, 4 years is a long time to get started and show progress, all I see is more debt and unemployment, facts !! This could go on forever but obviously you smoked what I never have and choose to live in the smoe !!!!!

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tpeacock says...

Nice, but way off once again. I was in a Leadership position, served for and knew many great Leaders also. I'd give you my whole life story, but fast forward to a motorcycle wreck in 2000 that almost took my right foot, having to make a very large shift in life and go to college at the age of 45, and then going into a very different trade where I now work for, and am in the presence of, great Leaders daily, and we come full circle once again.
Your chat room jab tactics aren't anything I want to be involved in. Once again a Red leaning party person has no hesitation in sounding off as though they have a lock on knowing the 'real' truth, the 'right' way, and know so much better too, what the Constitution 'truly' means for us all.
I try to see things for what they are, the point of my past financial circumstances was that recovery is going to take awhile, NOONE could have got things turned around any better or faster than what has happened so far, its not that difficult to pencil it out, its basic math. Things are getting better, so why chnage it all, especially back to the tactics that got this mess started?

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Iopine says...

Some of you should practice what you preach - remembering back to who had the majority in the house and the senate in 2007. Who put this country into a stagnant hole with Dodd-Frank Fannie and Freddie fiasco just as a start (so many I don't have the room here) and then we got this person in as President who lacks leadership & knowledge even to hold office as head of household. Espouse all of the garbage you would like but we need a really competent person in office to bring us back to Reality & Capitalism!

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oneStarman says...

THANK YOU - President Obama for sending your Seal Team to end Bind Laden in the Hotel the CIA was Ordered to Fly the son of the Bush Business Partner to from Tora Bora. And THANK YOU that I can Buy an American Made Car instead of one from China where MITT planned to sell the Broken Pieces of Bankrupt Detroit along with American Dreams. Thank You for pulling us BACK from the GREATER DEPRESSION that Wall Street Bankers were REWARDED for by the Bail out ENGINEERED by the BUSH Treasury Thief. THANK YOU for being a Man of REAL Christian Faith Values and NOT the FAKE Christianity of AYN RAND Devotees.

Posted 6 November 2012, 8:26 a.m. Suggest removal

barracuda says...

Thats 0ne Version

Posted 6 November 2012, 1:32 p.m. Suggest removal

Iopine says...

oneStarman - you either work for the public sector or a union employee which would be part of both. You have tunnel vision that only a few can imagine! If I run my household as this President runs this country I would have been homeless years ago. Trust me don't ever go to sleep and lose that fantasy!! I speak of approx $50,000.00 per each and every household to pay for the debt that this President has put on the citizens of America.

Posted 6 November 2012, 7:03 p.m. Suggest removal

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