Local chefs share knowledge with students


Over the past six weeks, several of Walla Walla's finest chefs spent their limited free time with middle school students.

An unexpectedly high number of students (60) enrolled in the after-school class to learn about cooking from professional chefs. The students not only enjoyed trying new foods, but established real cooking skills and a sense of pride in their ability to create real food that they had only seen in a box. I can't say enough about these chefs donating their valuable time to this program.

Melissa Davis with Whitehouse Crawford braved the first day with nearly 60 students before the class was broken into two smaller groups. Luckily there was help from Sarah Heerman and Scott Caldwell, who also have professional chef experience.

Hannah MacDonald, chef and owner of Brasserie Four (as seen in U-B article "Teen Cuisine" by Maria Gonzalez); Jamie Guerin, chef/co-owner at Whitehouse Crawford; and Jacob Crenshaw, chef/business partner at T. Maccarone's and Olive, all spent quality time inspiring students.

These artists who promote cooking as a life skill to help ensure the good health of our community are appreciated. Next time you visit these fine restaurants, acknowledge their generosity.

Beth Thiel

Walla Walla


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