City enterprise funds up for review


WALLA WALLA — On Monday, city officials will review the largest section of the proposed 2013-14 biennial budget.

The city’s enterprise funds pay for water, sewer, sanitation, landfill, storm water, ambulance and the city’s golf course.

Together, the funds account for two-thirds of the entire $75 million annual city budget, or roughly $50 million each year.

Enterprise funds generally operate as businesses: Users pay cities or counties to provide services such as curbside trash pickup or landfill disposal service. Many other services are often lumped into enterprise funds.

In Walla Walla, for example, city officials have used sanitation enterprise funds to pay for items such as pigeon abatement, curbside leaf pickup, code enforcement officers and downtown municipal trash bin emptying.

As for landfill fees, the current tipping fee of $61.30 per ton is expected to increase to $64.80 in 2013 and $71 in 2014.

City Manager Nabiel Shawa said he does not expect monthly trash service to increase in 2013 or 2014.

Curbside recycling rates could increase, however, so the city is considering biweekly pickup of recyclables to keep costs down.

The landfill, recycling and sanitation funds will be discussed in depth at Monday’s City Council Work Session.

There will also be a short review of the overall preliminary biennial budget.

Public comment is usually accepted at work sessions.

The meeting will be at City Hall, 15 N. Third Ave., at 4 p.m.


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