Congratulations on showing power of the people


As happy as I am about the recent elections -- Go Obama! Yay for marriage equality! -- the most gratifying aspect of the victories is that the voters beat back Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, Citizens United, $300 million in dark money, voter ID, voter suppression, misinformation, manipulation and extremism.

Also, despite high unemployment, voters were able to shake off economic uncertainty -- perhaps for the first time ever, nationally -- and vote on issues other than their own pocket books (except for that inexplicable vote in Washington in favor of Tim Eyman's tax-strangulation measure).

Congratulations, Americans! Give yourself a pat on the back for showing the world the power of the people and the strength of our democratic voting process.

Annie Capestany

Walla Walla



marketinsider says...

Unfortunately, the reason voters voted in the exact same thing is because they are worried, they are scared, even though they don't openly admit to it (and of course, those who feel their jobs or pensions are secure, most likely government in nature, may be the ones who still have some optimism left in them). Americans have given up on capitalism, free markets, and individual responsibility. They want a "safety net" if they are unemployed, and want one just incase they become unemployed, which is definitely a possibility. Obama is the "safety net" man. Time will tell, can Americans forget about hard work, good education, which means hard work when you are in school, investing, savings, entrepreneurship, and individual responsibility or can you simply vote for politicians who love borrowing and then giving away the money? I don't think the bond market will give Obama another $6-8 trillion like it did in his first 4 years. Personally, I'm saving more and spending less and preparing for a much worse economic future in America. I know that's crazy, with Obama, why should I worry, he is the man with the safety net. You can kind of see Obama in action when it comes to a crisis like hurricane Sandy. He is right there with his big talk and promises, but watch the news coverage, FEMA has signs up that say due to bad weather they are closed and people still without power. No, crazy me, I know that if a crisis occurs I'm more likely to get help from myself than the government.

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Iopine says...

Welfare and food stamps voted this administration back in and after another 3 1/2 years see how many people are displaced in there lifestyles of the rich and famous to the poor and infamous?

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Kevconpat says...

*Oh there you go -again! * (*Kinda a quote from Ronald Regan!*) You despise " Gays," Women, Latinos, African Americans; MINORITIES, (Read your last response to me!) : the fact that you lost and your "Tea Party" types!...screwedup, Let's- see Aiken, I could go on and on..... They destroyed the descent Republicans that live amongst us... The purality have won fairness and equality and this will be seen in the next few weeks as mainstream Republicans join the President and the Democratic senate and the co-joined Congress to get us off the so- called 'fiscal cliff!' I'm optimistic. Don't be a party pooper, man! America- move Forward!
BTW, has your life changed since I can now marry my Husband? Clue: We have all ready been MARRIED,(Canada) 2005, August and lived amongst everyone in Walla Walla. Feel silly. Feel surprised? What ever, get a life. Give it up! My neighbors and US have peacefully lived together for 7 years. There's hope yet, I promise! Olive Branch!?

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Iopine says...

Really! You don't know me from a hill of beans and I don't even care to know you but you seem to think you know my exact makeup. You should be the one to look in a mirror and try and get some counseling because you are headed for a breakdown with you wild comments. The great US of A is headed in the same direction as Greece and this Administration is the sole benefactor of that demise. So get out of that Opaque box that your in and get some daylight! And on top of that I'm not concerned about your living standards but I will pray for you.

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Kevconpat says...

Prayers are always nice. Thanks!

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campbell_rd says...

There was much more voter fraud in this election than I have ever seen in the past. We'll never know the extend of the fraud. In one Florida county alone there was 141% voter turnout, in yet another county there was a turnout of 152%. WOW, the Democrats that were screaming about voter disfranchisement (proper ID) sure showed us their true colors didn't they?

Voter fraud is much easier without that pesky ID issue. That plus entitlement cost this country a lot this "election" (fraud) cycle. I hope we have a country left in 4 years.

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Kevconpat says...

Oh I get it , those Democrats showed their true colours. Hmmm you imply 'they' voted with mass fraud in atleast 2 counties in Florida. Not any Independents or republicans, but only Dems.
I agree, I'll bet there was some fraud, on BOTH sides! But it was Americans by nearly 3 million whom chose to return Obama to office and dump people, wack jobs like Todd Aiken, Robert Mourdock and many more extremist who hi- jinked the Republican brand. Most of it was there own doing....they let the Tea Party 'gone wild!'
Lick your wounds and move on.....
Honestly, I can't say Obamas perfect, He sure Isn't but the alternative, Scary!

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Iopine says...

Where did 85,000 new voters come from in King county? Remember go to Seattle and get a Driver License without any ID just give them a SS# and whoopee you've got a license. What turned the West side Deep Purple? Disingenuous Democrats that what! That goes right along with the Teachers Union squandering $850,000 to the Democratic campaign. Kinda tells the story doesn't it?

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oneStarman says...

I am reading online about Petitions that are arriving at the White-House asking for the petitioners State to Secede from the Union. Most of these States are from the Old Confederacy and the most letters have come from Texas. These people are unhappy that we have had Another election and the President is STILL Black.

I don't think there has been such a time since the last civil War when the country was so Divided between US and THEM. All the leadership of the House can see as a Role for itself is to OPPOSE the President. The ONLY thing that seems to be Important to the Losers is some kind of white-water-gate-Lewinsky Dress.

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Iopine says...

Onestarman - I'm happy to see your enthused about living in a country divided by our current President that has not been this divided in 70 years! You sound like the Progressives that thrive on keeping this country divided so a civil revolution will possibly break out and a lot of people will be devastated. All I can say is your either stirring or very uninformed?

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