Doomsday -- time to hunker down


The majority asked for it. Now we're gonna get it:

  1. The Carl Rove's and Koch brothers' funding of our party wasted their money on political ads; now they may be squeezed into signing up with the oft-mentioned 47 percent.

  2. Wall Street and the large banks can expect tight regulations, the curse of government that tries to protect the unwarys' pocket book.

  3. That nasty Obamacare program that the minority hates will flourish and help keep the 47 percent out of emergency facilities, one of the biggest money makers for the medical sector.

  4. EPA will push environmental regulations that set air and water standards that will keep us from absorbing such health-giving substances as lead and mercury.

  5. Socialism will flourish, posing great problems for free market benefactors such as Walmart. We could end up as bad off as the Scandinavian countries.

  6. Education is expected to be a high priority for the next administration. This will result in a continuation of misleading and conjectural subjects such as evolution.

Also, our young ones may reject our conservative teachings and join in accepting the realities of the real world.

I'm afraid to think about more points. I say let's hunker down!

Bob Lewis



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