Election is opportunity to renew vows


We have retained Barack Obama as president, elected a new governor, pot is legal and will be taxed and marriage rights have been upheld for all couples.

Our life will continue on. Mark and I plan to renew our vows with one another.

When we married in Canada, with close family and friends it was a joyous moment. Though we very nearly moved to Vancouver, we chose to stay in Washington state.

For seven years we have waited patiently to have our marriage recognized here in Washington. It would be so nice, so civil for those here who so fearfully oppose marriage equality to move forward with us as true equals.

As your neighbors and work associates, we are not going anywhere. In time I'm sure most skeptics will come to the conclusion the fears were unnecessary and for others, well this is America -- and you have a right to disagree.

We've wondered often, however, why our Canadian family and Canada as a whole embraced marriage equality so comfortably?

No one will ever take away from us what we have built together. Love, commitment -- our history together. We wouldn't change it for anyone.

Kevin Patterson-Sluga

Walla Walla


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