Why was Romney picked to run?


I'm willing to say, and sometimes to believe, that most folks are evil in effect, if not in essence. But why, since so many cultists and anti-melanics find Mr. Obama repellent did his detractors not put forth a man more honorable than Mr. Romney?

At least two of Mr. Romney's rivals in the primaries are decent honorable men, albeit politicians and extroverts. Why, therefore, did the onus settle on Mr. Romney? Are people deliberately imperceptive? Is genuine morality meaningless?

People choose their churches because of the political inclinations of their fellow members. Spiritual beliefs, and spiritual realities, scarcely intrude in their decisions. Morals, therefore, are tossed out of the wagons, as early settlers tossed their babies when the wolves attacked their horses too closely.

I'd never trust a man who's shaped like an axe.

David Castleman




ImJustSayin says...

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