Set construction under way at Backstage Bistro


You may have noticed Backstage Bistro is simmering on the back burner while construction takes place at the property at Main and Palouse streets.

The floor-to-ceiling windows that have provided customers with tableside views of downtown were covered in plastic a couple of weeks ago, and the restaurant shuttered for construction work.

“Over the past couple of months we discovered that there were major structural issues with the roof, and if we had a big snow it may very well have failed,” Backstage Bistro owner Bob Parrish wrote in an email to the U-B.

A sign on the door said the building would be back in business in the new year. Parrish estimated construction would last about 10 weeks.

But word has also been simmering that the restaurant may not actually re-open. Parrish has not commented on this possibility. An item last week in the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation newsletter also indicated a re-opening of the restaurant is not known.


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