College Place department looks to add position


COLLEGE PLACE — Compared with the county Sheriff’s Office and the Walla Walla Police Department, the College Place Police Department is the smallest in terms of budget and manpower.

The department is made up of 10 commissioned officers, including the chief, lieutenant and sergeant, and three records personnel. An additional person, a code enforcement officer, has been proposed for 2013, said Pat Reay, city administrator.

Staffing levels went up this year by one full-time commissioned officer, but that was the result of replacing a full-time position that had gone unfilled for a couple of years, Reay said.

The department’s budget for this year is $1,605,721, which is 32 percent of the city’s 2012 current expense fund. The total current expense budget is $4,993,799 plus an ending fund balance of $720,546. That amount is held in reserve to provide operating funds needed at the start of 2013.

The 2011-2012 budgeted expenditure for the police department increased by 11.1 percent over the amount budgeted in 2010. The 2010 budget for the department totaled about $1,445,360, according to Reay.

The department’s proposed budget for 2013 is $1,791,466, an increase of $185,745 or about 11.6 percent, Reay said. The rise is due to increased jail costs, support service costs (equipment rental and replacement, records management and dispatch) and the addition of the full-time code enforcement officer.

The 2013 preliminary operating budget for current expense is $4,584,230 with an ending fund balance projected at $360,177. That means the police department’s 2013 budget would be 39 percent of the operating budget.


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