The real story remains Benghazi


President Obama has now removed all the commanding generals and the admiral who were on duty in the theater of operations during the Benghazi massacre.

Gen. Mark P. Hertling, commanding general U.S. Army Europe, suddenly retired on Nov. 4. The cover story was that he needed to support the new Department of Defense budget cuts or retire.

All these officers’ operation centers would be monitoring the calls coming out of the Benghazi consulate and would be responding accordingly to the calls for assistance and then denying those calls. Apparently, Gen. Hertling provided special ops forces out of Great Britain that went to Italy. He also knew what was happening at the consulate.

President Obama would not answer when he was asked recently if he gave permission to launch assistance to the consulate.

His administration also does not use the word “terrorist” in any reports.

Attorney General Eric Holder was asked about this and would not answer.

In congressional Benghazi hearings in October, none of the paperwork submitted to the committee used the word terrorist. Why? The State Department witnesses would not answer that question. President Obama still has not labeled the Fort Hood massacre a terrorist act. It makes one wonder, because it seems that the only one it will offend are the Muslims and President Obama.

The Benghazi SEALS were talking with attack aircraft when they were “painting” the terrorist mortars with lasers and fully expected ordnance to be delivered on the mortars. It is a waste of time otherwise: no plane, no paint. Somewhere in our military are these pilots whose nonaction cost lives. It’s more and more apparent who issued that stand-down order and re-issued it. He was in Las Vegas the next day.

Don’t be sidetracked, the real story remains Benghazi.

For answers to the question of why no support was provided to the consulate, Google: Obama, Benghazi, Muslim Brotherhood.

The president recently requested an emergency gift of $450 million to Egypt/Muslim Brotherhood. It has been said this group advocates the use of terror to advance its agenda of global Islamic domination, to conduct a jihad against the West, and to forcibly institute Islamic rule via Shari’ a law in the West. It is the driving force behind the jihadists.

We have a president who appears to pander to terrorists and will not use the word terrorist. Perhaps, to the president they are not terrorists.

Craig Buchanan

Walla Walla


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