Etcetera - 11/28/12


The Kochs of College Place, Terry and Terri, have experienced more than a little confusion over who's who. Not between themselves, family or friends, mind you.

But take a recent column item about Walla Walla Choral Society's fundraiser "Come to the Cabaret," based on information from a source.

"Imagine Terri's surprise when she read that she is conducting the choir from Rogers Adventist School in the Gwyneth Walker concert in March," husband Terry emailed.

"Actually, it is moi that is doing the conducting. My singers are called the Rogers Adventist School Grades 3-6 Singing Scholars."

The befuddlement over their names often comes from people who don't know them, Terry said. Callers ask to speak to Terry(i) Koch. "'Which one would you like? There are two of us,'" they answer.

First silence, then, "'Oh, the one that is a music teacher.' Silence on our end ... then, 'Well, we both are music teachers.'" Silence. Then they say, "'the one that is a piano teacher.' Or, 'The one that directs choirs, or sings.'" Their occupations are the defining differences.

Terry directs choirs and sings and Terri teaches piano. They're both heavily involved in and make tremendous, gifted contributions to the local music scene.

Cabaret show organizer Cheryl Hair added that Su Meredith and Jody Schneidmiller should be mentioned for their valued contributions to the event's success. "Su worked very hard the last month to help pull it all together. Jody did the silent auction set up and bid sheets. She put in many hours."

The generosity of area residents to send Christmas cheer to youngsters in need around the world is at an all-time high, according to Fay Smith.

Donations to the 2012 Operation Christmas Child Shoebox from around here tallied 3,057, compared to 2,801 in 2011, she said. Breaking it down, 1,950 boxes came from Walla Walla, 188 from Dayton and 909 from Hermiston.

Toys and personal items for children in Third World and war-torn countries go into the shoeboxes. Between Nov. 12-19 the boxes were delivered to local relay centers in churches and businesses, then hauled to Bethel Church in Richland.

For the region, organizers set an ambitious goal of 12,500 shoeboxes, said Tricia MacFarlan, regional coordinator. Individuals, groups, clubs and churches in the region packed 12,642 shoeboxes, topping last year's 11,410.

In Richland, they were tallied, packed in large cartons and loaded into a Freightline trailer, then delivered to the West Coast Processing Center near Los Angeles.

Shoeboxes from here will go to children in the Philippines, Peru, Panama, Mongolia and Nepal.

The Christian organization Samaritan's Purse sponsors the project and is working toward collecting 100 million shoeboxes worldwide this year.


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