On the Agenda - Columbia County


When: Wednesday, 10 a.m.

Where: Columbia County Courthouse, 341 E. Main St., Dayton.

Public Works: Review drafts of 2013-2018 transportation improvement program, 2013 construction program, 2013 preservation program, 2013 capital Improvement program and 2013 public works fee schedule. Schedule public hearing for those programs.

Road Vacation: Review engineer’s report of proposed Cahill Road vacation and schedule public hearing.

Fairgrounds Pavilion: Hear request from David Macnall to waive pavilion fee.

County Fair: Hear report from Columbia County Fair board.

Food Sense Program: Hear report from Columbia County Extension and district food sense coordinator.

Fire Marshal: Approve inter-local agreement for fire marshal services.

SEWEDA: Approve 2013 membership dues for Southeast Washington Economic Development Agency.

WSAC and NACo: Approve membership dues for Washington State Association of Counties and National Association of Counties.


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