DOT asks public to shed light on avalanche avoidance measures


The state Department of Transportation is considering putting the brakes on plans for replacement of a snowshed on its Interstate 90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project.

The organization is seeking public input on its latest proposal.

A series of informal public hearings is slated for later this month in Bellevue, Snoqualmie Pass and Ellensburg. Those who are interested but can’t make the meetings can submit comments online.

The meetings will present findings about the DOT’s evaluation of the proposed change. According to the organization, an important objective is to reduce road closures due to avalanches along the freeway. The DOT was originally going to do this by replacing an older snowshed with a new, larger one. But officials are now considering replacing the snowshed with two avalanche bridges.

A draft supplemental Environmental Impact Statement was recently released by the organization. Those findings will be presented Oct. 23 during a meeting in Bellevue; Oct. 24 at a meeting in Snoqualmie Pass; and Oct. 25 in Ellensburg.

Those who want to learn more can do so at The public comment period ends Nov. 19.


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