Oppose Walsh for her pro gay-marriage stand


Maureen Walsh does not represent Republican values. Her support of Referendum 74 is a problem to those with Judeo-Christian values. She has been censured by the Franklin County GOP for her support of gay marriage. Do not vote for Walsh because of her support of R-74.

Jay Inslee is too expensive for Washington. He wants to create a new bureaucracy. This means more taxes for everyone and he wants to waste the firefighters fund to invest in new business startups.

In this economy, it is a recipe for failure. He has a pull tab/lottery mentality. Let Inslee have the retirement funds the firefighters and EMTs worked for then Inslee has hit the jackpot.

Union members of all stripes need to vote for Rob McKenna even though you may not agree with McKenna on everything. He will not take your retirement and invest it in a fallacy.

Every union member needs to protect each other. Vote for McKenna because Inslee is too expensive.

Lloyd Becker




pamray@charter.net says...

You are correct Mr. Becker about Jay Inslee, he would be disasterous for our state; however, Maureen Walsh has represented the interests of this district with integrity for many years. You will never agree with a legislator's position on every issue. You have to look at their entire record. I believe she deserves to be re-elected.

Posted 12 October 2012, 5:16 p.m. Suggest removal

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