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Opinion time again. Seems like there are so many blind and forgetful people and people who just do not care what happens during this 2012 election as long as they get their free ride.

Now the new target of the Obama administration is Medicare in the way of financing hospitals for readmitting Medicare patients for setbacks of the same physical problem that the patient was admitted for in the first place. This is sounding more like it could end up to be the holocaust of America like the people were subject to during Hitler’s reign of terror on the world. What is very sad, there are people who just don’t care about this sort of thing thinking because it probably will not affect them personally.

Hear this: No one person is exempt from what the Obama administration decides to do to the American people. The American people better wake up to what is going on around them before it’s too late. He thinks he is a good president and a smooth talker. What is degenerating is there are people who really believe the garbage he is feeding them. Not very healthy.

I have absolutely no respect for a president of the United States who did not serve this great country in the military. If your all want to be sick to your stomach for the rest of your life, then vote for the wannabe who is now in the office of the president.

Irvin L. Powell




kurtfr says...

"I have absolutely no respect for a president of the United States who did not serve this great country in the military."

I take it you are not voting for Willard either then.

Posted 10 October 2012, 11:26 a.m. Suggest removal

campbell_rd says...

Obama is all for more entitlements (free stuff at tax payer expense - socialism) and waivers for Congress and his friends (unions). On a side note Social Security (if you paid in) is not an entitlement. Welfare, food stamps, free medical care, free schooling for illegals and other programs are entitlements. Does anyone really believe that if we trimmed some of the dead beats from this program (dead beat = someone who can work but refuses) that anyone will starve to death?

Also welfare recipients shouldn't live in better apartments than our seniors/servicemen/servicewomen.

Posted 12 October 2012, 7:03 a.m. Suggest removal

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