Predatory sex offender gets 33 years in restaurant attack on boy, 10


PORTLAND (AP) — A predatory sex offender who stabbed and sexually abused a 10-year-old boy in the bathroom of a Wendy’s restaurant pleaded guilty Wednesday and was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

Adam Lee Brown accepted a deal from prosecutors in which he pleaded guilty to kidnapping, attempted aggravated murder, assault, sexual abuse, strangulation and sodomy. The sentence means the 50-year-old Brown, who tested positive for HIV in 1989, will be 83 at the end of his prison term.

The attack occurred on a Sunday in July, after the boy’s family returned from a camping trip with a flat tire. The boy had to go to the bathroom, and went to the fast-food restaurant next to a northeast Portland tire store.

Brown followed the boy into the restroom and locked the door, police said. He pulled out a knife and ordered the boy to take off his clothes. The boy fought when Brown started touching him, but the naked child was stabbed six times before he could escape. Customers then shut the door, trapping Brown, until the police arrived. Brown was arrested after a two-hour standoff.

The boy and his parents did not attend the hearing.

“They didn’t want to see the face of Adam Brown again,” said prosecutor Donald Rees, according to The Oregonian newspaper.

However, a statement from the father was read in court.

“The real justice comes when you are judged by God to burn in hell,” the statement read in part. “I hope when that time comes, you remember our son and all of the past victims you’ve wounded mentally and physically. And know this, their wounds are healing, yours will not.”

When given a chance to make a statement, Brown said: “I listened to the statement, and it was a heartfelt statement.”

In 1993, Brown was sentenced to 16 years in prison after being accused of trying to infect as many as nine children with HIV in the logging town of Roseburg. No children are known to have been infected.

He served 12 years, and was placed on post-prison supervision. He moved to the Portland area in 2010.

According to a criminal complaint from the Roseburg case, the children said Brown told them not to tell and threatened them with knives, scissors and matches. One child said Brown once burned a Bible, warning that Satan would come if they didn’t do what he wanted.

Brown’s wife at the time, Nancy, told The Associated Press in 1993 that her husband had contracted HIV in Southern California while he was stationed with the U.S. Marines. Brown moved back to Roseburg in 1991. He was the piano player and an occasional preacher at Fair Oaks Community Church.


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