Life has no guarantee of good health


During the presidential debate Oct. 3, Mitt Romney stated that for those Americans who've lost or never had health-care insurance, there was always the "emergency room" option.

Emergency rooms are meant for emergency situations. They struggle in the best of times to even do that. They are not for obtaining necessary preventative medical attention that quality and affordable health care should provide for all.

In suggesting those with no health care can count on their local ER to provide for them, what he really meant is: "If you don't have health care and don't want to die alone, go to your local emergency room."

This is not a slam at the ER scenario as designed, nor the hard working ER employees, it's a clarification of how out-of-touch and what a spin-master Mitt is.

Mitt told 70 million viewers his "plan" would include coverage for those with pre-existing health conditions. He was Romney-lying. His aides retracted his comment the following day when 70 million viewers were not watching.

His plan would provide "continuing" coverage only for those with pre-existing conditions already on existing insurance. Getting people on to or back on to insurance is one of many necessary steps we must take if we hope to reduce long term medical costs via regular preventive medical care throughout everyone's lifetime.

If you are politically ultra-conservative and no longer feel it your duty to help establish and help maintain care for others, i.e. "I've got mine and I don't care about you," and you have children and grandchildren, then you are selfishly loading on their shoulders the task of reining in the cost of health care in the future.

If your soul is more interested in tit for tat -- "I paid for this-and-that and now I've done enough so leave me alone" -- you have no appreciation for how in the wink of an eye fate can change anything for any one of us, and that means you, too.

Life has no guarantees, especially when it comes to one's own health and one's own finances regardless of how well prepared one thinks one is. Citizens write in looking down their noses at others insinuating or outright suggesting, "I did everything right, why should I pay for others?"

Each time they share this short sighted viewpoint I am reminded of the classic, "but for the grace of god there go I," and again that includes you too.

R.L. McFarland

Walla Walla



blueskies says...

Bravo, R.L.

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