‘Marriage equality’ celebrates diversity


It pains me to see and hear how some people feel threatened by marriage equality. My perspective is that religious convictions and civil rights can and do go together.

This is my short story I wish to share. Again, I am sorry some feel anguish through this ongoing conversation. I have deep respect for those who do not hold my enthusiasm for “marriage equality.”

It’s so refreshing to work in an environment where the fact of diversity is celebrated as a huge plus, not looked down at as an obstacle.

I’ve worked for two years at Macy’s. The feeling of equality is very empowering.

Our motto in part at this wonderful store is memorable customer service ... and so much more. Treating every customer “equally” who comes through our doors with a warm welcome, just like how we would wish to be, then engage and assisting them through their shopping adventure. When they leave it is important that we feel as associates, representatives of Macy’s that we followed through knowing the individual will return, not just because our store has great offerings, but because their experience was welcoming and the individual was recognized as truly important!

Walk through Macy’s and as you talk to associates, support staff and mingle with managers you’ll notice “we” are of all backgrounds. Diversity abounds and it is the hallmark of what makes this company great!

It is as American as our country strives to be. A multitude of cultural backgrounds; all colors, religions, married, single, students, gay and straight, younger types up through us more mature types, like me. We are family respecting our unique differences that together make us all Americans! Macy’s is kind of like a mini-United Nations, except we really get along.

I know that when marriage equality passes, and I am confident it will, Macy’s will welcome all these new couples into the bridal registry. Imagine how their friends and family will feel to be welcomed and included. I’m sure, really great.

Can’t wait to meet and make your day memorable.

Kevin Patterson

Walla Walla



campbell_rd says...

I love the word diversity, it's code for discrimination! It's a one way street and it's going the wrong direction. I have an example the story talks about diversity at Macy's, try to go to work there and discuss Jesus and Christianity openly and freely, see what happens to diversity then. Homosexual "marriage" (oxymoron) isn't about equality it's about family values and a very small minority of immoral people who insist we accept their lifestyle. Why must it be taught in schools and demand that we accept it? If I started demanding that Jesus be taught in every classroom that would be diversity. I accept homosexuality but keep it private like the rest of normal society.

I also like the word equality, people dress in outlandish and crude clothes, act outlandish and crude, then demand to be treated equally. If they want equal treatment then dress/act equally (dare I say normally).

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mytwocents says...

@ Campbell. Not every gay or lesbian dresses outlandishly or is flaming...I have seen some of you straight people dress just as stupidly, all you need is a trip to Walmart to see that!! That description is mostly for a very few in this cross- section of society.. I can speak for myself..I have a family, a career, I own my own home,I pay taxes, and my life,aside from the fact that I am in a civilly committed relationship, my life is every bit as ( dare I say it) normal as yours. If gay marriage is approved, it is not going to wreck your marriage,it is not going to redefine what you perceive as marriage.. You are more than welcome to keep both..We really don't care... We just want to right to marry, and have a life,and be happy.. It is not up to the moral minority to judge us.. Last I heard that was gods job description!!!

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mytwocents says...

AND!!!! I don't remember ever being taught about what marriage was or wasn't in school..I doubt it will become a part of the curriculums now..once gay marriage is passed, the novelty will wear off, and we will give it no more thought than if it were Adam and Steve or Adam and Eve.....

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