Is the gay marriage ad accurate?


During the past couple weeks, I have watched Rep. Maureen Walsh's pro-gay marriage television ad several times.

I am very sympathetic to the loss of her husband of 23 years. However, I do have issues with some of the statements made within this commercial.

First, I question Rep. Walsh's statement that "we're all God's children." Since she did refer to God (and I also believe in God), I will base my comments on the authority of God's word, the Bible.

The Bible states we are God's creation; however, not all of God's created beings are "God's children." John 1:12 states, "To all who received Him (Jesus), to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God." Also refer to 1 John 2:28-3:10 and Romans 8:12-17. If you deny that principle, and still consider everyone as "God's children," then the question becomes: Why are the children not obedient to the Father?

The Bible continually speaks against disobedient behavior and the subsequent judgment. Specifically, homosexual (gay) behavior and lifestyle is abhorred by God in the Bible -- see Genesis 19 and Romans 1. The Bible also specifically states in the record of the creation of man and woman in Genesis 2:24, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." There are other similar teachings in the Bible. It has clearly been defined! We do not need to redefine marriage!

Secondly, Rep. Walsh states, "Who am I to pass judgment on others?" This would imply that we should not judge anyone's choices and we should accept their behavioral lifestyle choices.

If we carry this philosophy further, then we should accept any individual's actions and behaviors as allowable. Should we judge the thief, the rapist, the pedophile or the murderer for their actions, behaviors or lifestyles? It is important that within our state that we need strong moral standards to guide our choices and decisions.

It is also important that we have strong leadership in our government to enact and enforce those standards. Individuals have choices to make whether they desire to live within these guidelines or not. My concern is we elect individuals of strong character and leadership to represent us well politically at all levels of government.

The choices are ours during this November election. Be sure to vote for high moral standards and individuals who will represent us well.

Gary Schroeder




tpeacock says...

People continue to pick and choose a sentence or two out of the Bible, the Constitution, and other historic documents, and interpret their meanings to fit whatever agenda or mindthink they have regarding matters. I grew up as a Catholic, went to St. Pats through the 8th grade, and am quite familiar with the Bible and the message it sends to those of us who hold those beliefs.
I alo am aware of the guiding principles of those that believe; they're called the 10 Commandments. Reading the Commandments closely, one finds that we are told not to covet our neighbor's wife and/or property. Using the same rules of interpretation so many choose to do, we can forego concern about coveting the property and or wife of the man who lives far away from us and is not our neighbor, and the wives can covet all the husbands they choose to do.
There's also a commandment that states thou shall not kill, so ANY Chrisitian who has gone to war and killed anyone can forget about getting into Heaven. Sounds a little absurd doesn't it. What is it that so many who profess to be upstanding Chrisitians and know so much more than the rest of us about what the Bible declares as to how we are to manage our lives, don't understand the real message of the Lord? To me that's every bit as absurd.
The attempt to define this law as redefining marriage is just one more guilt trip call used during elections in an attempt to push an agenda, one that in this case strays far from the real message in the Bible. And our representatives should represent the majority of us in these types of matters, which is exactly what Maureen is doing.

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wallasquared says...

Your bible also says that shaving your beard and eating shellfish are abominations. Slavery is cool in your book as well. Only when you can stop picking and choosing the things in the bible you want to talk about will a real conversation about its modern-day relevance occur.

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