Thul, Spurgon and Schuld are best choices


You have a choice to make. Take time to think about the people you will be voting for in the November election.

Those who have worked hard to do an outstanding job as an elected official should be recognized when you make your decision to vote. Electing a person to work for you in government is no different than hiring a carpenter to build you a house. Both must know how to build from the ground up.

Weston residents, the vote for local city officials is critical this year. Do we want to continue to be a progressive positive town? The answer is yes.

During the last four year, Mayor Duane Thul has had to face many challenges. He faced these challenges, a recall election, damaged trees on Main Street, vandal destruction of our park trees, repair of City Hall and many others, with a positive attitude.

Mayor Thul has taken ideas from our city employees, a citizens committee, the City Council members and others to improve the way our city is run. He understands how to run a city. Cast your vote to retain Mayor Thul. He will keep our town moving forward.

We also have two Council seats up for election. Keep in mind we need people to fill those seats who will work with the mayor and the other Council members to keep our city safe and progressing in a positive way. We have four people running for two City Council seats. My choice is Jenifer Spurgon and Julie Schuld.

Jenifer has the education and background experience to fill the position. She will be a real asset to our City Council. Vote for Jenifer.

Julie is currently a Council member. Julie has been a very active member of the City Council. Julie works well with the mayor and other Council members to run the city departments. Vote for Julie, she will work hard to keep our city a great place to live.

Clyde Reynolds



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