The middle class needs help


The middle class in our country is under siege and shrinking, both in numbers and in net worth.

During the current election season the epidemic of super pacs (thanks to the Supreme Court's decision on the People United case), with their gross messages of half-truths, it is impossible to know who and what to believe.

Both political parties are guilty of this so we need to answer some questions as to which candidate can we, the endangered middle class, trust to make sure we remain a viable entity in this democracy.

Can we trust a candidate who:

  1. Makes a large fortune by assuming control of companies in financial trouble, sometimes helping them through their financial troubles and sometimes gutting their assets and liquidating, but always lining his pockets with excessive fees with little or no concern for employees who lose their jobs.
  2. Amasses such a large fortune that he determines it necessary for undisclosed reasons to open accounts in other countries rather than keep it in the United States.
  3. Makes a calculated decision to not take full credit for some charitable contributions so his tax rate would not drop to a lower level, which would be more difficult to explain, politically.
  4. Makes detrimental "from the hip" statements concerning the attack on our Bengazi embassy with little forethought and for brazen political reasons. Does this appear like someone that could provide a steady hand during these dangerous times?

Or would we do better to trust a candidate who:

  1. Has lived the American Dream to the maximum (and knows it), from meager beginnings to president of the United States (with no loans from parents).
  2. Led our country out of the worst recession since the Depression with nearly zero help from the other party.
  3. Led the United States back to the high road of world opinion by example and thoughtful policies, rather than arrogance and bluster, which don't work.
  4. Used force when needed to get Osama bin Laden and diminish the Taliban.
  5. Ended the Iraq War and is ending the Afghanistan War, which will bring our soldiers and some of our dollars back home.

I hope those of you in the middle class who agree with me (and the rest of you, too) will consider these thoughts when you vote on Nov. 6 because the middle class really is endangered.

Dean Hilliard



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