R-74 should be 'rejected' by voters


Historically, our culture has recognized marriage as a divinely ordained institution and the best possible environment for children. To confer a special social status upon such an institution is not discriminatory.

All Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status, retain the same constitutional and unalienable rights.

Proponents say Referendum 74 is necessary for equal rights. Yet R-74 confers zero additional rights. The reality is that in this time of civil unions and "everything but marriage," there are simply no new rights to be acquired.

They want us to believe that the Washington state Constitution somehow denies homosexuals the right or ability to form "committed loving relationships" (even though we are daily bombarded with images of homosexuals in "committed, loving relationships"). Unfortunately, such deceptive, manipulative and effeminate argumentation remains useful in eliciting an emotional response.

R-74 is not about rights or relationships. It is a political statement engineered to confer upon homosexual unions the same moral and social status as the God-ordained institution of marriage between a man and a woman. It highlights the transition of a culture that once reverenced the will of God and the interests of children into a self-centered humanistic culture obsessed with the feelings and desires of individuals.

They claim R-74 protects religious liberty. But as with all incrementalist policies, today's exceptions (to protect religious liberty) inevitably become tomorrow's "loopholes " which activists will soon demand be closed for "fairness" sake.

Rabidly pro-homosexual mayors and university automatons now openly vent their seething intolerance in their clamor to punish those who dare support biblical marriage or the notion that every child deserves a mother and a father. Catholic adoption agencies have been forced to close. The creation of homosexual marriage only provides fodder and a bigger hammer for activists and trial lawyers to use against those who don't share their perspective of God, life and family.

R-74 reduces our most fundamental divinely ordained institution into an arbitrary construction of government and special interests. The deconstruction of marriage gives the green light to other groups (polygamists, polyamorites, etc.) who will understandably push for their own conceptions of what marriage should be. R-74 represents a values-system whose impact will be felt not only in the public square, but in the private economic and social life of all people, and which will be force-fed in public schools without regard to parents' religious liberty.

Please vote "rejected" on R-74.

Lorne Blackman

Wall Walla



Kevconpat says...

Why are you so - angry? You put out the worst of human values; bigotry, scare tactics and senarios as if you and only you know the future. My Partner and I ,(actually husband, yes Lorne- we're married) have lived amongst this community nearly 7 years. We are amazed at your intolerance and stupidity of our democratic representative government. Whether or not Ref. 74 passes or fails, Mark and I will go about our business in life with friends and at work with our heads held high.
You seem content on doom and gloom if EVERYONE does not believe in your Christian ways, period. We'll be thrilled if Ref. 74 passes- if it does not then we will continue to teach through example. I respect your beliefs, but we're tired of your ranting. Not professional and not Christian-like. Look in the mirror- you come across and sound like a despot. Not good.
Have you forgotten this is the USofA...and we are provided religious freedom of choice, Christian or otherwise. Even can be religious- free.
Chill out. The sun will set and then rise again. Geez, enjoy the fall and take care of your gardens. Next spring will come, the hostas will emerge and hopefully our state will be a state of equality for all of Washington's residents!
- Kevin

Posted 25 October 2012, 9:08 p.m. Suggest removal

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