U-B endorsement of McKenna appalling


I work for a nonprofit agency that saves the state money while providing home-care services to those with disabilities and to seniors. One of my clients was an ex nurse and single mother of three growing children. Allowing people to stay at home is important for many reasons.

Caregiving takes good training. compassion and hard work.

If Rob McKenna is elected governor, I am afraid I will lose my job and even worse; the ones I care for will be forced into costly, already overcrowded institutions.

His budget plan would slash home care for seniors and people with disabilities!

Our most vulnerable and precious elderly have suffered enough from recent cuts. Jay Inslee is opposed to further cuts to the ones that I care for.

While in Congress he pushed for federal legislation to help seniors and people with disabilities. Inslee deserves our support!

I am appalled that this paper actually endorsed someone who will take away choices from good people with disabilities and seniors!

Rhonda Paul



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