Seattle Times' political ad decision disgusting


In light of the decision by The Seattle Times-- the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin's parent company -- to sponsor partisan political advertisements, please cancel my subscription immediately. Ostensibly for the reason of proving the power of advertising, instead The Seattle Times has proven the power of crass commercialism. It is disgusting.

In so blatantly breaking the bond between reader and editor that establishes news sources as powerful watchdogs interested in the truth, The Times casts doubt on the integrity of all U-B editorial pronouncements made in favor of the candidates promoted to date. To be forthright, I favor one of the ad subjects and reject the other. I'd cancel my subscription were I a proponent of both, for the same reason I avoid supporting any business using its space to promote a candidate or issue: My dollars have no need to support your politics.

Paul Franzmann

Walla Walla


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