Charter school concept questioned


I find the concept that the education of our children being based on chance extremely offensive. The selection of students for entrance to a charter school is by lottery.

If the education system is not meeting the needs of the public, the system needs changing. The formation of a new state agency seems to me to be a waste of money, with no assurance the new system will be any better.

I have seen the charter school concept at work in Edwards, Colo. In the spring of 2012 the lottery ended with a list of about 65 names being drawn. That was from approximately 150 applications.

The class size is 30. The reason for the 65 is that experience in Edwards has shown that not every student chosen will attend the charter school. A replacement list is complied to ensure a full class.

I don't see how this concept changes the opportunity for the education of all our children. I also wonder about the legality of a state education system that is not available to every child, only the chosen few.

Lee Ballard

Walla Walla


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