U-B endorsement of Cowan puzzling


I am completely floored with the recent endorsement of Rich Cowan for Congress.

I would like to first clarify that the Union-Bulletin misstated how long Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been in Congress. She is running for her fifth term, so she has been in Congress for eight years, not 10. For an editorial endorsement, facts need to be correct.

Second, what is wrong with Cathy standing up for what's best for our future here in Eastern Washington? Her focus should be and is on the district. The House has passed over 40 jobs bills, but the Democrat-controlled Senate has passed very few of them.

Congress may be broken, but do not blame the House. We should be looking at the Senate on this issue. Cathy is working hard to create jobs and fix this economy, and if the Senate is not working with the House on national issues, then I see Cathy advocating for local priorities as smart.

We can thank her for protecting the dams, standing up for agriculture and helping to bring a medical school and more doctors to Eastern Washington. These are creating and maintaining jobs, which improve our economic situation.

Please support her by voting in this election.

Sandra Richardson

Walla Walla


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