It is time for new blood in county offices


I am going to vote for Chris Blackman for county commissioner because I believe we need fresh blood and a new way of approaching problems.

The same people, with the same stale ideas, clearly are not working. I believe before something new comes up, the current people already know what the other has planned and jumps on it before they get their chance. However, those ideas just aren't working anymore regardless of who gets to them first.

We need someone unknown, who is full of fresh, original ideas who can get us where we need to be. New blood will throw some curve balls into the ring and thus lead to some new approaches to some of the same problems and untrodden ones as they crop up.

I am also voting for Mark Spinks. I was impressed with his ability to think outside of the box (I read in the U-B).

Jim Johnson says he admires the other current commissioners, so we can already see how they will stick together. We need growth. However, new blood is essential to achieve that.

Earleene Perkins

College Place



tinstar says...

Ms Perkins mother inlaw of Chris Blackman: Tell me why we would vote your daughter inlaw into office. The only thing that she has demonstrated is that for she is not finanacialy responsible, with her personal affairs. why would we want her as an elected offical. She has indicated that she would drop the reserves down to ten percent, and would prefer layoffs instead of furloughs. Now tell me that make good sense. I think not!!!!

Posted 31 October 2012, 5:12 p.m. Suggest removal says...

Unfortunately, this is the same ol' rhetoric that has been used against an incumbent for years.

It seems to me that when your tax dollars are being administered fiscally, when solutions have been sought and implemented in an less than desireable economic climate, when there have been no additional COUNTY taxes levied by the current board of commissioners that these are qualities that should be maintained. 'Curve balls' aren't what we need.

You clearly haven't done your homework on your candidates because neither Ms. Blackan or Mr. Spinks possess the qualifications to serve on this board.

Posted 31 October 2012, 5:24 p.m. Suggest removal

DeadDawg says...

Earleene , Will those curve balls include a solid understanding of fiscal responsibility and a clear understanding of the job that the BOCC is mandated to do?

Posted 1 November 2012, 2:28 a.m. Suggest removal

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