Gay slurs unnecessary and ignorant


These “drive by” insults are annoying.

I joined the Army in 1981. I never saw battle except in the “homeland.”

We donate to United Way, Blue Mountain Humane Society and Walla Walla Hospice. We assist elderly friends, our parents.

Yet, some people still say we’re not equals. They’re ignorant.

Folks paid with their lives to set this country on a more equal path.

Now “marriage equality” is up for a vote — bipartisan-passed legislation.

Many of us raise children deserving equality. Dignity.

Someone will surely go off, I just know it, with ignorant, derogatory rants.

Democracies that understand civil rights and equal rights embody dignity into their citizens. It is in their constitutions — not because it was there in the beginning, but because these countries evolved. Women would not have the right to vote, blacks would still be property if the U.S. had not evolved.

Eleven countries recognize “marriage equality.” Canada, with “marriage equality” (nine years) is harmonious. Unlike its big cousin, the U.S., Canada isn’t bogged down on the marriage equality drama.

For weeks a Ford sedan passes on Roosevelt Street heading south. A man in his mid-40s is yelling derogatory gay slurs. Three separate drive-bys — each time I suppose he thinks he’s “the man.” I laugh. Perhaps he should drive by in a big truck. He hates our “Marriage Equality” signs. They’re staying put!

I feel empathy for this guy, but I know people like this can be extremely dangerous. I know. I was a vicim of a hate crime in 1987.

I had nightmares for months on end. Time heals physical scars — now my badge says, “I won! I survived!”

Many victims stay locked in fear, never trusting. It was heartbreaking, not all of us escaped our hell. Suicide extinguished some wrecked souls .

My personal war was not knowing who my enemy was.

Masks, no human face to see, my soul began to die. Hideous pig mask etched into my psyche. Hog-tied face down and shot point blank! Shell fragments in 13 locations.

Intensive police investigating finally arrested and convicted a former work associate and an accomplice. They were out in four years! After three years my heart began to heal. I put faces on men behind the pig mask! My soul was free to soar and it did!

To the guy who “drives by” — grow up! Definitely not cool!

The horrific assault of 1987 changed me. My ability to feel safe, trust and even forgive. I did forgive..

In our garden everyday I find beauty and reason ...

Kevin Patterson,

Walla Walla



Use.Wisdom says...


I would rather live next to you, than the "drive by" fellow. Keep fighting the good fight.

Posted 2 September 2012, 9:29 a.m. Suggest removal

SoapAngel says...

I would rather live next to you too Kevin!! I hope and Pray your dream comes true.

Posted 2 September 2012, 10:29 a.m. Suggest removal

greengirl says...

Kevin- I've had the privilege and honor of working with alongside you and also the privilege of meeting Mark. You are an incredible person with a great heart. Although I'm heterosexual, I am honored to support Ref. 74, and proudly display the sign in my front window. It's a sad state of affairs when you can't even display your signage in support of something without becoming a target for hatred that some people hold in their hearts. Stay strong, this guy driving by and spewing garbage is a miserable piece of trash.

Posted 2 September 2012, 8:31 p.m. Suggest removal

mytwocents says...

I do live next to you and Mark,and am happy to be there!! I know that my wife and I enjoy walking down the street and really love everything you have done with your home and yard...Don't spend too much time worrying about that ignoramus, he's either insecure or jealous. Hang in there,and be proud!!!!

Posted 2 September 2012, 9:32 p.m. Suggest removal

jcwestbrook says...

I see your yard signs and they have always made me smile - they make me feel less alone in Walla Walla. Your bravery to display them is felt by many, however silent we may be. As a teenager who heard the word "faggot" too many times, and saw adults turn away while I was hit and pushed around, I respect your strength. I grew up afraid in Walla Walla. I never told. I never stood up.

Walla Walla can be a very ugly town. Those outside of Walla Walla see it clearly. Those that live here seem to have blinders on and won't see the intolerance, hate, and cronyism that pervades the city and it's leadership.

Posted 2 September 2012, 9:54 p.m. Suggest removal

Kevconpat says...

Be strong,- beat down your own fears. You matter JUST as you are- no one can take that away. Truth and your inner strength will always prevail. I know that along the way some of us do get hurt , injured, even worse. I made it. After my recovery I NEVER looked back. I am not AFRAID. Please know I've got your back. I'll assist you. You have my promiss!!!
You can shine above those haters. There are many, many supportive gay and heterosexual citizens willing to make things right. You start today and you eyes will be opened to many around you, good, ordinary people right in your own community! Work associates. The few others that don't get it- oh well. Their loss.
The Garden Guys!

Posted 3 September 2012, 12:23 p.m. Suggest removal

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