Obama taking us on path to ruin


I pray and cry every day that our people will wake up and see where America is headed with Obama as our president.

I can’t understand why we can’t see what he is doing to this country, even his allies, can’t they see where he is leading us?

Obama taking us toward ruin.

Election time is almost here. This is about the most critical election we have ever had.

Obama is destroying this country! Not only do we need to get him out, but we have 435 House races, 33 Senate races, 11 governor races and thousands of state and local races. All these races are very import. too. After all, it won’t do us much good to get a new president without getting a new Senate.

I want our people here in Walla Walla to please vote Obama out of office. I’m not 100 percent on Romney, but he is a lot better than Obama, at least he is for freedom, faith and family and restoring limited constitutional government in America. Can you see what will happen to the America you love if Obama wins another four-year term?

People, please wake up, can’t you see what Obama is doing to us? Obama voters, please, look at what he is doing. 2012 will decide whether America survives as the “Land of the Free” or continues down the path Obama is taking us, towards socialism and ruin.

Bob Stanfill

College Place


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