9/11 inspires new definition of 'going Dutch'


Customers at Dutch Bros. Coffee on Ninth Avenue commemorated Sept. 11 by thanking those in service through coffee.

What started as a gesture by one customer Tuesday morning set off a chain reaction, until by the end of the day, well over 200 coffees had been paid for by consumers and business owners on behalf of those in law enforcement, firefighters, medics and those in the military.

The contributions were noted by the business in Facebook posts as various benefactors stepped forward to pay for coffees at the local Dutch Bros. franchise owned by Dave Beamer.

The business originally announced it would offer any size of drink to service people Tuesday for just $1. But then Jason James, owner of A-Glass Act and reportedly a College Place Fire Department employee, got the contributions started when he paid for drinks for the first 20 civil service employees to make it to the drive-through business. Customers began to match the donation and add their own, too.

Lloyd’s Insurance covered 100 drinks. Misbehaven Spa & Salon did, too. After that, 360 Communications offered to cover the next 50. Individual customers also agreed to pay for drinks.


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