Elect true conservative to House


To say “appalling” is not strong enough language.

Rep. Maureen Walsh has ignored her constituents and refuses to follow her oath to represent the majority of citizens in the 16th District and Washington state.

She has wasted time and millions of taxpayer dollars attempting to redefine marriage. Those expenditures have been spent (and wasted) making gay marriage a priority. In 2005-2006 following her election, she began working with Sen. Finkbeiner of Kirkland on House Bill 2661 which added “sexual orientation” to the Anderson/Murray Anti-Discrimination Act that passed because of Finkbeiner’s vote (Patrick Henry’s) letter to U-B. on Aug. 3.

In 2008, Walsh co-sponsored (with Ed Murray) a Domestic Partnership Bill that gave gays and lesbians the right to visit a partner in the hospital, inherit their property without a will and make funeral arrangements. Essentially, gays and lesbians the have same exact rights as married couples (one man and one woman).

Folks, don’t be misled, this is verifiable on the Internet. This year (2012), Walsh was one of only two Republicans who voted for gay marriage. I have watched the videos online from Olympia and you can too. Henry’s letter, which describes Walsh’s speech for marriage equality “heard and appreciated around the world,” doesn’t indicate the whole truth.

I recently received a Facebook page from Walsh answering my request for her to step down or suspend her re-election campaign. I was shocked when she accused me (and folks like me) of discriminating against gay veterans. I am a U.S. Navy veteran, don’t discriminate nor do I believe the vast majority of men, women, active military or veterans discriminate.

Walsh said I had no God-given nor legal right to deny gay marriage to a large group of people in this country based on their sexuality. I asked Walsh if she believed in God. She said yes and lives her life based on his teachings.

Why then does she not consider the many times the Bible teaches that marriage is between one man and one woman? The Bible also spells out consequences of ignoring those teachings. Sodom and Gomorrah ring a bell? Walsh also voted to ban woodstoves in our state. If anyone would like a copy, please email me robertphillips46@hotmail.com.

Walsh has wasted a tremendous amount of time and taxpayers’ money around the state and Olympia to continue this unnecessary and selfish goal of hers.

It’s time to elect a true conservative in the 16th District. My vote has to be Mary Ruth Edwards; educator, military veteran, pro-life, traditional marriage, jobs and personal property rights. Won’t you join me?

Robert Phillips

College Place


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