New design to make calendars better


Starting Monday, you’ll see a change in how our calendars appear in the paper.

The most noticeable changes are in the calendars’ appearance, but there are other adjustments, too.

Let’s start with appearance.

Responding to your input, we’ve made the calendars more user-friendly in a couple of ways. We’ve added category headers so if, for example, you just want to find music events, you won’t have to scan through gallery openings and history seminars to find out about a gig.

We’ve added a bold-faced event title to each entry, and the text is in the same size of type as the column you’re reading now. The typeface is different, but the size is equivalent.

Here is a generic example:

Day and date


Event Title. Descriptive text and contact information. This information is provided by event coordinators who input the information into our online calendar.

Besides changing the look of the calendars, we’re expanding the use of calendars to any section where a calendar is a logical way to present information on upcoming events.

Sunday’s religion page, Wednesday’s Diversions section and Friday’s Health & Fitness section are all places you can expect to start seeing these calendars.

You won’t necessarily find every item that appears in our online calendars in the print editions. We make every effort to fit in all the items that meet our criteria for publication, but the reality is the amount of room available isn’t limitless.

A note of warning: Because of the sheer number of calendar entries and our many tight deadlines, all calendar entries must be submitted to the online calendar to make their way into print. If you do not have access to a computer but want to submit an event, you’ll need to find a computer (such as at the Walla Walla Public Library) or find someone to help you enter the information.

Likewise, we’ll strictly enforce the deadline for Marquee calendar submissions. If you want your event to show up in the Marquee calendar, you’ll need to submit the information by noon Thursday the week before publication. If you’re late, your event may appear on the daily calendar that appears on Page A2, as space allows, or possibly as a separate news item prior to the event, but we make no guarantee it will appear in Marquee if the deadline is missed.

The website has no such restrictions for space and time, so you can always go to to access the full calendar and search to your heart’s content.

This is the same place to go to submit an event. The direct web address is You don’t need to be a subscriber to submit events on the online calendar, but you will need to have an online account. The accounts to submit events are free. You can register by clicking on the “an account” link in the text on the submission page.

And of course, I always welcome feedback, positive or negative. Just give me a call or drop me a line. My contact information is right here:

Alasdair Stewart can be reached at or 526-8311.


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