Reports of shots fired keep law enforcers busy


WALLA WALLA – Police are investigating a report of multiple gunshots at 1:30 on Wednesday morning in the area between Chase Street and Ninth Avenue and Chestnut and McAuliff streets.

According to Walla Walla police Capt. Terry Heisey, roughly six people reported hearing multiple gunshots, in some cases, as many as 10 shots.

The report follows two shootings in less than a week that sent at least five people to the hospital with injuries.

Jesse Castillo, 21, and Nelson Zuniga, 22, were injured in the shooting on Cherry Street last week, according to court documents. Both were released from the hospital earlier this week.

Miguel Castaneda, 22, and Micheala Garcia, 21, were injured in a shooting in Milton-Freewater on Monday.

Dispatch records show that police have received nearly 10 reports of shots fired since the shooting Thursday, while there were almost no reports of shots fired in the week prior to the shooting. Most of the reports appear to be unfounded.

Walla Walla County Sheriff’s deputies, for example, responded Friday to a report of a man with a gun screaming at traffic on Highway 124 near Prescot. The gunman in question turned out to be a coyote hunter a passing motorist had spotted from the road.

“We get a lot of those kinds of calls,” Deccio said. “It seems like it comes in surges.”

According to Heisey, police did not find shell casings or evidence of damage from this morning’s report of gunshots.


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